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how to use two facebook accounts in one browser

Hi reader's, now this article discuss on "How to open/manage two facebooks, Gmail, Google, Yahoo, myspace, twitter or any other social account on Google Chrome." Sometimes Online accounts are most essential part of our life, Sometimes we need to start two facebooks accounts but don’t know how to? Here I am posting how to open two or more Facebook accounts similarly time in one browser.  Nobody if you want to open any other accounts like Gmail, Twitter, Pinterest,  Instagram, and many others social network.Many peoples have a couple of Facebook accounts in these days, and I also have two facebook accounts for privacy sake.One is for private use and the other one for other things like Social Marketing, making friends with new unknown people.Let's start without wasting time.Follow my guidance carefully:
In this article I use only facebook account, you can also use it for other network websites like twitter, google plus, Pinterest and others.
multiple accounts in one browser

How to Open first Facebook account 

  • First open Google Chrome or any other browser like (Mozilla, Opera, etc.). 
  • GO to Facebook and just log in with your first facebook account.
  • Done?

How to Open second Facebook account in one browser

Google chrome has to Go incognito tool has given you the ability to browsing anonymously to use this point.
  • First open Google Chrome just like previously or any other browser like (Mozilla, Opera, etc.). 
  • Click on three dots at the right top as shown in fig. 
incognito browse
  • Now open "New incognito window." If it doesn't work use shortcut of direct go to incognito browsing
In Chrome Use [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[N]
In Mozilla Use [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[P]
  • You will see something like this 
incognito browser

  • and GO to Facebook and just log in with your second facebook account here.
  • Done?
login to facebook

  • You can also use this method for any website, accounts and log in, registration and any other.
  • This method works well on all browser including android browser and iPhone browser.
If you like this article, then please share on the above social share button, and share the article with your friends to help them.So someone out there wants to know more about this.and if you have any questions about this post then feel free to leave a comment below, and I will be happy to help you every time
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