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Best trick on how to download videos from facebook hd videos from chrome

We all know that Facebook is a social media website. It is extensive uses in the world. Facebook launched in 2004, and now in 2013 its users became increase and increased by day by day. Facebook helps to relate and share everything including your friends. You can share your photos and videos including your friends, family, and colleagues on Facebook. If you want to share and upload your videos on Facebook, then you only upload a video, but your friends do not download the video. It is because the internet download manager does not show download panel on the Facebook videos. Recently I download Facebook videos but some days before while I am viewing a fun clip, and I wish to download it, but I do not see the Internet download manager download (IDM) panel on Facebook videos. I am too confused but after I am tried again to download the videos from Facebook. After many trials, I have solved the problem, and I quickly download the Facebook videos without any software or internet download manager(IDM).You can completely download Facebook videos with your browser or internet download manager(IDM).Now the essential purpose of my this article is that to show you that how to download Facebook videos without software. It is effortless to trick. I also use this trick to download videos from Facebook. The tool that you need to download the videos is only your web browser that you already installed on your computer. If you do not want to download Facebook videos with your browser, then you can download with internet download manager. Many peoples do not download Facebook video with web browser downloader it is because the web browser download is very slow and it spends more time than internet download manager. But it is beneficial if you not installed IDM on your PC. So let's start to do practical of this trick.
download facebook videos

How to download videos from facebook

You ever needed to download/extract a Facebook video, yet couldn't think out how to download facebook videos?. It's really not that difficult to download facebook videos.This trick shows you how to extract/download an MP4 file to your video from Facebook.Here no need of any additional software required!
The example of this trick comes from our Facebook Page How ToWiki.
Step 1: First of all go to the page , group or any other profile that posted the video then click on videos at the left side bar as shown in figure 1 : now you will see all videos that posted in this page find the video and open those Facebook video that you want to download from Facebook select it and open follow step 2. 
download facebook videos
Fig 1:
download facebook videosStep 2: Go to the Web browser URL address bar.And now just replace only "www" with only "m" and press enter from your keyboard see fig 2 and fig 3.The word M means mobile. Now when you watch the video, you see the mobile view or your Facebook will open in mobile mode.Which loads the whole screen.
download facebook videosStep 3: Find here video that you want to download, then click on it to open
Step 4:and right click on the the vidoe which one you select and click on "save video as..."
download video from facebook

Step 5: Select directory where you save facebook videos I selected Desktop .and click on save .now you successfully download or save videos from facebook .Enjoy!


Hah, it's really that easy! That's how you download Facebook videos without any use of software or extension.Once you download the video, you can re-use the video on different platforms -- similar to your website, YouTube channel for making money online or some other video channel would you like.
What around you? Have you decided this?
Do you see different people uses for downloading your videos of Facebook? Let me know in the comments below.If you like this article then please like, share and comment below.

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